Missing Pictures: Lee Myung Se

Clément Deneux & Lee Myung-Se

Father is gone could have been Lee Myung-se’s debut film, but slipped into a long hiatus instead. After thirty years busy directing unprecedented features in Korea like First Love or Nowhere to Hide, Lee Myung-Se finally brings the lost project back to life through virtual reality.
Set against the backdrop of a family of three moving to the outskirts of Seoul in the 1960s – where the director himself grew up – Father Is Gone questions the place of the father in the traditional Korean culture.

MISSING PICTURES is a 5-part documentary series in VR that brings to life unmade films. Shot in volumetric capture, the filmmakers Abel Ferrara, Tsai Ming-Liang, Catherine Hardwicke, Lee Myung-Se and Naomi Kawase narrate to us some key points of the movie and why it was never made.

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Lee Myung-Se

Technical Informations

Duration 11 minutes
Languages Chinese / English / French / German / Korean
360° Video
Standalone 6DOF


ARTE France
Serendipity Films
Wild Fang Films


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