About us

We are strengthening the foundation of immersive entertainment as enthusiastic key players in XR distribution. Step through the portal and see what’s beyond.

Publishing and Marketing

Astrea strives to make virtual reality and mixed reality content accessible and visible online to audiences in their homes around the world. Our close relationships and years of experience with major platforms such as Oculus Quest, Steam, Viveport, and Pico give us the confidence and expertise to bring your project full circle. 

In close collaboration with producers and creators, we bridge the gap between a virtual reality experience and story seekers. Every project is different and requires a thoughtful, strategic, and specific distribution strategy, extending 12-24 months including release strategy, marketing and awareness campaigns, press and influencer outreach, discount strategy, and communication.  

Localization and Optimization

Our international collaborations are optimised by complete execution of localisation, in languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, German and more…

The best way to reach a global audience is to adapt your virtual reality content to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Localization is much more than just translating an immersive experience – it is about understanding the best approach to make an immersive experience connect with viewers through language, culture and  “look-and-feel.”  

From the project’s original language to German, French, Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more, Astrea takes the care and attention to localize and publish to expand the reach of your experience.

International sales

Astrea takes a systematic approach in the distribution of our rich catalog of immersive content.
Our distribution channels have been paved over the years, nourished by a network of professionals across entertainment and cultural industries.


Immersive content distribution comes in many forms, one of the most important is 360 degree videos, or narrative experiences in 6k resolution. This format is one of the most accessible to the widest number of people, and so Astrea collaborates with telecommunication and streaming platforms such as AMC, China Mobile, Orange, Dutch Telecom, Arte, Oculus TV, and more, to match the right content with the right broadcaster.


Across the world, cultural and commercial spaces are looking to expand and innovate their lineup through leveraging technology and entertainment.

Astrea offers a selection of the most awarded virtual reality content, providing the steps to bring these experiences to life in any venue with the equipment. Astrea offers the content and all promotional materials for any type of exhibition, virtual or physical.

Our worldwide B2B location-based entertainment network includes museums, cultural centers, airports, train stations, and commercial spaces such as Rockefeller Center (NY), Galerie Perrotin (Paris), PHI Centre (Montreal), BOZAR (Brussels), VAHub (Taipei), and more.


The goal of a festival, conference, or convention is to bring people together for a shared experience, whether that’s to enjoy film, music, or science, or to educate and discuss. We believe storytelling in virtual reality is the next frontier for this type of connection. We license our selection of XR content to festivals and events around the world such as FilmGate Interactive, Amaze VR, Cinema Leap, Wonderspaces, VEER, VRE  Fest, BOZAR Cinema, and more.