Thomas Villepoux

Despite his hellish prison cell and the constant suffering, Felix the good giant always seeks the bright side of life. His bullet-proof serenity infuriates the vicious Chief-Warden who has sworn to uncover the inmate’s secret and eradicate his happiness once and for all. A fantastic tale on the price of freedom.

Bwa Kayiman is a fantastic tale based on black poetry comics. The first part of a trilogy, the story plunges us into a bittersweet fable about human freedom. Sometimes Set in a nightmarish prison , a prisoner escapes each night as his eyes magically detach from his body and set off to discover the world that is physically inaccessible to him.


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Technical Informations

Duration 3 x10 minutes
Languages English, French, Korean
360° Video


Be Revolution
Digital Rise
France TV


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